Integrated Center for Child Development

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Welcome to the Integrated Center for Child Development (ICCD)

The Integrated Center for Child Development (ICCD) is a multi-disciplinary center offering neuropsychological, behavioral, medical, and educational services to individuals with special needs. ICCD offers evaluative and treatment options to individuals presenting with a variety of developmental challenges. These include autism and autism spectrum disorders; learning disabilities; genetic disorders and developmental disabilities; ADD/ADHD; psychiatric disorders; and neurological injuries.

ICCD Offers:

Neuropsychological Evaluation uses the assessment techniques of clinical psychology and neuropsychology to assess learning and developmental challenges; to identify their underpinnings; to offer a diagnosis; and to make recommendations for treatment and management.

Neuropsychological-Assistive Technology Evaluations provide a comprehensive assessment of a child’s learning and development with a critical eye toward the physical and sensory deficits that interfere with the ability to access or to convey information or language. Recommendations specifically target the barriers to successful performance with an emphasis on tools and strategies that promote independence.

Applied Behavioral Learning Services (ABLS) use the techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to develop data-based individualized programs to teach communication, social skills, and self-care skills, as well as higher level executive control skills. Services are provided primarily in the child’s home or community school and tailored to fit the unique profile of each child and his/her family. Parent consultation is provided weekly or bi-weekly to foster the development of cooperative relationships with families and the generalization of skills across environments.

Educational Services are offered to children and adolescents with complex learning needs. Services include direct tutorial in individual and group formats; program evaluation and consultation; and parent and community education.

Medical Services include diagnostic services to evaluate medical and genetic conditions that may underlie developmental challenges, as well as comprehensive care and psychopharmacologic management for developmentally disabled individuals.

Speech-Language Therapy is available for children from pre-school age through adolescence. Speech-language evaluations and therapy are offered to children with both fundamental communication difficulties and to children with more subtle language challenges undermining verbal expression or the development of written language skills.

Family Therapy is available to address the stresses facing families of children with special needs and to attend to any concerns our families express in the course of our work with them.

Assistive Technologies services include evaluation and consultation on the use of assistive and universal learning technologies to support communication, academic, and self-care skills for individuals with developmental and learning challenges.

The Adult Assessment Program (AAP) has been developed in response to the gaps in service delivery for adults with learning, attention, and developmental disorders. The AAP serves young adults with identified needs who are transitioning out of the public school special education system; college, graduate school, and professional school students with learning needs; and adults who have struggled with attention, task management, learning or socialization but who have never been formally assessed.