Neuropsychologist (PhD, PsyD) – Newton and Canton, Massachusetts

Location: Newton and Canton, Massachusetts

The Integrated Center for Child Development (ICCD) is seeking full time professionals with expertise and interest in performing neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological evaluations with children of all ages with a variety of learning and developmental disorders. ICCD is a multi-disciplinary agency in the Boston area offering neuropsychological, medical, therapeutic, and educational services to individuals with special needs. ICCD provides evaluative and treatment options to individuals with autism spectrum disorders; ADD/ADHD; learning disabilities; psychiatric disorders; genetic disorders; developmental disabilities; and neurological injuries. Salary is competitive and will be commensurate with experience and productivity. Professionals should have formal training in neuropsychological assessment and hold a license in Massachusetts. Early career psychologists are encouraged to apply.

The neuropsychology professional would participate in both independent and multi-disciplinary evaluations to formulate diagnostic impressions and provide treatment plans. Patients are often managed by a number of specialists working together to provide comprehensive care. Specialties include neuropsychology, psychology, developmental pediatrics, neurology, individual and family psychology/counseling services, genetics, special educators, speech-language pathology, assistive technology, and occupational therapy. ICCD is located in both Canton and Newton, Massachusetts (Metro Boston) and is well known for the highest quality services across a wide geographic area.

Professionals interested please direct inquiries, letter of interest and CV to Giancarlo Fusco, PsyD For details about the agency please visit us at