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Executive Functioning Solutions Individually Tailored for your Child


Service Delivery Model

The intervention model of Executive Functioning Coaching helps students sustain their attention and employ goal-directed persistence for life and academic tasks that they find cumbersome or tend to avoid. Interventions target the deconstruction, integration, and reproduction of information. Some students struggle to distill the most salient aspects of lessons and organize the main themes, despite their ability to comprehend the information. Our students require support in the process of learning, rather than the content. The goal of EXFX coaching is to help a student “learn smarter, not harder.” We want to encourage a more efficient learning approach that works best for students’ individual neuropsychological needs. We find that the more individualized, the better, which requires an in-depth understanding of the interplay between cognitive abilities, attention, the Executive System, and social-emotional challenges.

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Services Available

  • IN-PERSON COACHING SESSION with support integrated into students classroom assignments
  • VIRTUAL COACHING SESSION using a Zoom platform
  • IEP MEETING ATTENDANCE remote attendance and advocacy of your child’s Executive Functioning needs
  • CONSULTATION WITH MEDICAL AND EDUCATIONAL PROVIDERS to ensure collaboration of interventions and generalization of skills

Client Testimonial

“At first I was not at all excited that I was going to have a tutor my junior year because I thought I didn’t need one. However, I could not have been more wrong because, to my surprise, I enjoyed working with Katie. Not only was I, by far and away more productive in the two hours that I worked with her each week than any other time, I also had fun during that time period. I think it worked great for me because Katie has the ability to make jokes with me and listen to me talk about whatever was going on in my day, but also at the same time keep me focused on work.”
– Brett (Former Executive Functioning Coaching Client).

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