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Parent-Assisted Intervention Groups

Next Session – FALL 2019

Friendship Group: A program for kids who want to make friends, but are struggling to develop close connections

Social Skills/Self-Regulation Group: A program for kids who are struggling with cooperation, conflict management, and managing emotions in social interactions

Executive Functioning Group: A therapeutic approach to supporting kids who are struggling with organization, time management, and planning

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It is a great and very practical and honest way to help kids develop skills they need. I definitely saw progress and saw him using what he learned in school and with family and friends.

I would recommend it to parents who were looking for an explicit, skill-oriented program. Very often friendship groups seem to have less explicit teaching and I’m glad this had “skills” taught plus time for the kids to interact.

My child made leaps and bounds in his social skills – he went from having no friends to being the life of the party!

ICCD Friendship Group offered wonderful instruction and support for my child. I especially appreciated the parent group, (which I initially was not excited about), talking about the lessons helped my understanding and comfort with the material and motivated me to practice and be accountable for the homework – basically helped us get the most out of our sessions.

It is a great group for learning social skills, but it is up to the parents to put them in action.

Awesome resource for parents – I learned a lot about different places or websites that were beneficial and the kids had awesome leaders for their sessions and were able to gain very useful skills that will help in school and in life.