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Dr. Modar Sukkarieh

“If you believe your child can do better at school, you are most probably right!”

Dr. Sukkarieh graduated from the American University of Beirut before joining his family in Los Angeles, where he completed a research fellowship at UCLA and UCSD before joining the Pediatrics Residency Program at White Memorial/Loma Linda Medical School. Dr. Sukkarieh then lived and worked as a General Pediatrician in California, Germany, and Massachusetts.

Having experienced the frustration of challenges to access school curriculum first hand as a student in the unstable school environment of his childhood and again recently as the parent of a child with learning challenges in the USA, Dr. Sukkarieh decided to combine his life-long interest in cognitive and social development with the passion for helping children with special needs reach their optimal potential. This led him to join the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics fellowship program at the Floating Hospital for Children/ Tufts Medical Center, where he has trained with some of the best developmental pediatricians in America and has gained the solid knowledge and skills needed for optimal diagnosis and management in this area of Pediatric Medicine.

“I am honored to join the excellent providers and experts in child development and therapy at the ICCD. I believe my own experiences and life-long quest to learn everything I can about the dynamic development of cognitive, social, and learning abilities has made me an effective and fierce advocate for children with special gifts and special needs. I hope to serve as a guide and companion in every step of the long path their families must navigate to help them reach their best potential through understanding their child’s strength as well as their challenges, knowing their rights in the educational system, and learning how to advocate for their child to get the most appropriate and individually-tailored services at school and in their community”

Areas of Expertise:

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics: Diagnosing and Caring for children 0-18 years old with developmental delays (motor/communication/cognitive) or other challenges to access school and family- based education (eg: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention challenges, specific learning disabilities, emotional/psychological challenges to learning, neurocognitive disorders/disabilities)

  • Parent Advocacy Training: Helping parents understand the school system and learn how to advocate for the child’s needs using “School Language”
  • Behavioral Pediatrics: Parenting skills that help you understand and manage behavioral challenges at home, school, and community.

Newborn behavior interpretation and promoting parent-newborn bonding that is optimal for healthy cognitive and emotional development.