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Kathy Rielly, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Assistive Technology Department Director
ICCD Directors - Educational Services

Kathy Rielly provides Assistive Technology, educational, and family centered services and support for children with complex learning needs. She earned an Education Specialist degree in Assistive Special Education Technology from Simmons College, Boston and a Master’s degree in Creative Arts and Learning from Lesley College, Cambridge. She completed undergraduate work in Elementary Education and Moderate Special Needs at the University of Connecticut and Keene State College, New Hampshire. Prior to joining ICCD Kathy held positions as a regular educator, special educator-moderate special needs, special educator-intensive special needs, technology-curriculum specialist, and Assistive Technology specialist. As an adjunct faculty member, Kathy developed and taught graduate level courses in Assistive Technology and Designing Curriculum Modifications for Diverse Learners. Kathy provides the evaluation, consultation, and support needed to identify and implement Assistive Technology solutions to help individuals with special needs function successfully in school, at home, and in the community with greater independence.