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Assistive Technology Evaluations

Children with developmental and learning challenges sometimes need assistive technology devices or services in order to benefit fully from social and academic placements and programs, and to participate with the greatest success and independence. Evaluations begin with communication with the family and individuals working with the child to identify the physical, neurological, cognitive, language, and behavioral needs which impact functioning in school and/or at home. Observations of the child’s performance in a natural setting clarify the demands of the environment and highlight precisely what the individual needs to do but is unable to do. A hands-on exploration of a continuum of technology based supports, from low tech to high tech, leads to identification of those that represent the best fit between the child’s goals, needs, learning style, and features of the various assistive or universal learning technologies. The evaluation report includes a comprehensive implementation plan with a suggested timeline, a description of required training, the identification of resources, and an outline of steps that need to be taken to ensure coordination of AT with other services, supports and providers.

Assistive Technology Consultation, Training, Support

The Assistive Technology Specialist provides essential follow up training and support in the implementation of assistive and universal learning technologies to individuals, families, educators and school districts. With an extensive Special Education background, the Assistive Technology Specialist is able to identify effective strategies for integrating assistive technologies into the IEP to support the goal for students to receive the maximum benefit from their individual educational program.

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