ICCD Research & Blog

New research and findings in the neurosciences are published daily. Sifting through the massive amounts of information on the internet, can be mind boggling and how is anyone to know who or what to trust? At ICCD, we have the opportunity to talk to each other and benefit from the different perspectives, disciplines and backgrounds of the many professionals who work here.

We at ICCD have decided to create a blog to share our different perspectives on topics of interests, timely subjects on child development, as well as interesting new developments in the research arena. We hope to have many of our ICCD clinicians contribute to our new blog with a focus on child development, behavior and education. We also hope you will benefit from our perspective. Enjoy checking in with us, and learning with us as your children grow.

Please contact us if you would like to book any guest speakers.

Dr. Magdi M. Sobeih MD, PhD