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New research and findings in the neurosciences are published daily. Sifting through the massive amounts of information on the internet, can be mind boggling and how is anyone to know who or what to trust? At ICCD, we have the opportunity to talk to each other and benefit from the different perspectives, disciplines and backgrounds of the many professionals who work here.

We at ICCD have decided to create a blog to share our different perspectives on topics of interests, timely subjects on child development, as well as interesting new developments in the research arena. We hope to have many of our ICCD clinicians contribute to our new blog with a focus on child development, behavior and education. We also hope you will benefit from our perspective. Enjoy checking in with us, and learning with us as your children grow.

Please contact us if you would like to book any guest speakers.

Dr. Magdi M. Sobeih MD, PhD



Dr. Carolyn Kuehnel, Dr. Rafael Castro, and former ICCD intern – Dr. William Furey were published in The Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Their article, titled A Comparison of WISC-IC and WISC-V Verbal Index Scores for Children with Autism Spectrum Disordercan be found here: https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/9n6S9gUARMgyTeiVa5D8/full.


Dr.  Jill Henley was published in a textbook titled Neuropsychology of Sports-Related Concussion, edited by Peter A. Arnett.  She co-authored a chapter, Posttraumatic Headache and Migraine Assessment and Management After Sport-Related Concussion.  The book can be found here: https://www.apa.org/pubs/books/4317502.aspx.


Dr. Patty Davis was published in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intellectual and Developmental Disorders.  Her contribution was titled Intellectual Disability: ComorbidityDr. Rafael Castro was also published in that same volume; his contribution is titled Intellectual Disability, History of.



Julie Mello, M.S., CCC-SLP guest lectured at Boston University Sargent College in the Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences program.  Her presentation was titled Augmentative and Alternative Communication Specialization for Speech-Language Pathologists.


Caroline Brinkert, M.S., CCC-SLP presented at the ASHA convention.  Her presentation, co-authored by Sarah Markowitz, M.S., CF-SLP, was titled Teaching Narrative Structure to Children with Expressive Language Disorder to Improve Written Story Quality.



Dr. Samantha O’Connell was published online in an “Ask the Experts” segment for the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

To read her interview, click here: http://www.nays.org/sklive/ask-the-experts/winning-the-moment/.



As a growing research department, we are very interested in developing and strengthening connections with other researchers in multidisciplinary clinical settings and universities.  If you are interested in collaborating on a research project, please contact us here!




ICCD researchers enjoy training future scholar-practitioners and have developed an internship program to provide undergraduate and graduate students with meaningful clinical research experiences.  Opportunities are available on a part-time basis and interested students should contact Dr. Carolyn Kuehnel for more information here – ckuehnel@iccdpartners.org

Current Interns

Gabriela Castro – Gabriela is a recent 2019 graduate from the College of The Holy Cross, where she majored in Psychology and minored in Education. During her four years at Holy Cross, Gabriela was very involved in volunteer work in the Worcester community, as both a volunteer and program director of several free health clinics located all over the city. Over the summers Gabriela has also become very interested in working with individuals who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, more specifically with the child population. In her most recent summer, she worked as a certified behavioral technician for Boston Behavioral Learning Center. During her time at BBLC, Gabriela worked one-on-one with individuals ranging from 2-13 in both a center-based and a home-based  ABA therapy practice. Gabriela’s goals include wanting to attend graduate school in the hopes of attaining her Ph.D. in clinical psychology, so that she may hopefully work as Neuro Clinical Psychologist who specializes in ASD.

As a research intern for ICCD, Gabriela hopes to further gain insight as well as research experience in the neuro-psych field, specifically surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Molly Fitzpatrick- Molly is a first-year Doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at William James College. She is most interested in the concentrations of Clinical Health and Forensic Psychology. In addition to her graduate education and time at ICCD, Molly currently serves as a clinical intern at the Center for Neurodevelopmental Services, Pathways Academy, part of Harvard’s McLean Hospital. This role involves working with students aged 8-20 with Autism Spectrum Disorder and co-morbid diagnoses.  Molly has a strong passion for helping underserved populations and individuals struggling with severe mental illness. She also believes that research plays a valuable role in the conceptualization and application of clinical practice, and therefore hopes to expand her knowledge and skills in this area.

Paige Mulry – Paige graduated from Providence College with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology in May 2018. Her goals include; receiving her Masters in School Psychology and going on to receive her PhD in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in neuropsychology. Through this position at ICCD Paige hopes to gain more experience in the field of research in order to set the stage for her future in the field of neuropsychology.

Aside from her time at ICCD, Paige is working as a Business Specialist in the Emergency Department of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.



Former Interns

William Furey, Ph.D., NCSP –Dr. Furey completed his predoctoral internship at ICCD while studying in the School Psychology program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is now an Assistant Professor in Education at Manhattan College. He specializes in supporting early career teachers with classroom and instructional management through consultation. His experience also includes systems-level school consultation and working in preservice teacher training programs. He previously served as faculty in the school psychology program at University of Toledo and has clinical experience providing therapy to children with autism spectrum disorder and training for their families. Currently, William’s research focuses on assessment and instructional procedures to support student learning in elementary classrooms. You can contact Dr. Furey at wfurey01@manhattan.edu.

David Haines – David is currently a senior at Suffolk University majoring in psychology with a minor in law, while also participating in Suffolk’s paralegal certificate program.  His focus in psychology is neuroscience, with a goal to obtain his Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a concentration in neuropsychology. He has always been passionate about wanting to help people who are struggling with mental illnesses, and he believes that research is an important part of that process.  More specifically, David strongly feels that research can help us to improve treatments for our patients and therefore, by developing as a researcher, he hopes to better himself as a future clinician.

Leah Pederson – Leah completed her internship at ICCD during her junior year at Suffolk University, during which time she was pursuing a double major in Psychology and Biology.