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A multidisciplinary team at ICCD offers consultative services in support of children, families, and systems using a tailored and individualized approach. ICCD’s consultants have extensive experience and are skilled at identifying accommodations, modifications, interventions, and instructional strategies necessary for learners to meet with successful outcomes.

  • Individual School Program Review – This service is often requested when a family or school Team is concerned about whether the child is accessing instruction and if the educational services, accommodations, and curriculum align their individual needs. In addition to conducting an observation in the school setting, the consultant will review relevant background information, as well as interview caregivers and educators in order to offer comprehensive recommendations about what is necessary for the child to make effective progress.
  • On-going School Based Consultation – ICCD consultants work closely with school teams to evaluate the needs of the child or program and provide continued guidance to support the development of programming and intervention strategies.
  • System-Wide Program ReviewA team from ICCD can provide a comprehensive review of the services offered by a school or school district. Through a review of relevant documents, classroom observation, interview, and questionnaire, the consultants will objectively analyze the instructional model, curriculum, and service delivery and provide recommendations formulated to address identified areas of concern.
  • Training and Professional Development– ICCD consultants, who come with a broad range of expertise, offer trainings designed for professionals and families. Current trainings focus on behavior management, emotional and behavioral interventions for the inclusion setting, and reading support for dyslexia, adaptive literacy, and reading comprehension.
  • In-home consultation – This service is often requested when a family is seeking support in the home setting to address behavioral concerns and related challenges the child is having engaging in everyday activities. The consultant will work closely with caregivers to evaluate the needs of the child and provide guidance as recommended interventions are implemented.


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