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The ICCD is proud to offer a new line of performance and treatment options for the young athlete.  Led by Dr. Samantha O’Connell, a Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in Sports Psychology, we are able to provide unique services that are informed by the fields of performance psychology, clinical psychology, personality psychology, team dynamics, and neuropsychology.  With a comprehensive approach, Dr. O’Connell offers consultation services that are individualized in nature.

Whether you are seeking mental skills training for your child, are a high school athlete whose confidence has been shaken, or you are an elite athlete who is facing performance blocks, Dr. O’Connell has a breadth of experience working with individuals of all ages and levels.  From promising youth to professional or Olympic competitors, Dr. O’Connell has helped athletes and performers gain that essential mental edge. In addition, as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has worked in a variety of settings, Dr. O’Connell is able to recognize and treat emotional issues that may be impacting performance or interfering with the joy of competition. Along with performance improvement, Dr. O’Connell is also an experienced clinician who has helped many individuals recover from post-injury experiences.

Many athletes feel uncomfortable seeking traditional treatment for performance or anxiety related issues, and research suggests that one’s pre-performance and personality style can impact the effectiveness of interventions. Dr. O’Connell offers services that begin with an initial consultation and evaluation that informs the work.  “One-size-fits-all” techniques simply do not work! Dr. O’Connell has presented her sports psychology research at local and national conferences, and has been invited to speak about her work on various media-based forums.

Along with her clinical experience, Dr. O’Connell brings athletic experience to inform her practice.  She was a 4-sport athlete in high school, has competed at national levels, was a member of a Big East Championship Team in College, and worked as a professional sports performer prior to earning her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  She is also partnered with the Professional Sports Psychology Group in Boston, MA to offer APA-approved CE trainings for psychologists who wish to expand their practice to include Sports Psychology Services.

ICCD is now offering the following Sports Psychology services:

  • Evaluation of an athlete’s strengths, challenge areas, pre-performance and performance styles, and impact of neuropsychological  and personality factors that influence athletic potential.
  • Individual Consultation Sessions to help athletes achieve peak performance states or to manage anxiety/tension, performance blocks/slumps, choking, concentration, media pressure, regulation of arousal, recovery after injury, retirement/replacement issues, post-concussive issues, dealing with loss, intrusive thoughts/images while performing, bouncing back after sports trauma, etc.
  • Addressing General Mental Health Problems in Athletes including: anxiety, depression, suicidal or para-suicidal behaviors, disordered eating, aggression or anger, substance use, etc.
  • Coach and Team Consultations, Presentations, or Workshops to reduce conflict, promote team cohesion, develop leadership among captains, etc.

Individual sessions or see sample package below:

  • Session 1: Personal Development Plans & Goal Setting
  • Session 2: Communication/Individual Differences Approach
  • Session 3: Arousal/Anxiety Control
  • Session 4: Achieving Peak Performance States
  • Goal Setting Workshops/ Executive Functions Coaching for Young Adults

** Dr. O’Connell is also currently accepting group therapy referrals for teenagers with a diagnosis of post-concussive syndrome. Please contact Dr. O’Connell directly for details**

For all other services, please contact our intake coordinator at 781-619-1580 or contact Dr. O’Connell directly at soconnell@iccdpartners.org