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Anna M. Guadarrama, M.Ed.

Executive Functioning Coach
Executive Functioning Coaching Service

Anna has been an educator for over eight years and has thought hard about the users and the pieces that are fundamental to learning. She is also dedicated to figuring out how to support someone’s deep learning while also having empathy, humor, and fun. 

Anna specializes in teaching adult learners who are undergraduates or who are aiming to enter college. She also has experience working with adult language learners and those re-entering the workforce. She became interested in executive functioning in graduate school – having gone through academic coaching for a year herself as well as taking a course on it. At Harvard University, Anna completed her master’s degree in Learning Design, Innovation, and Technology. Most recently, Anna has worked with research teams at the Harvard Project on Workforce and Macmillan Learning. 

Outside of ICCD, Anna enjoys volunteering with Elevate, an organization that provides coaching services for graduate school applications to first-generation students. Anna also loves being in nature (e.g. near the oceans, the mountains, yoga at the beach), visiting family (both in the US and Mexico) and expressing her creative side (e.g. doodling, painting, dancing salsa, learning to speak Portuguese).