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Liz Fahey, M.P.A.

Transition Coach
Transition Services

Liz Fahey coaches families on the transition from special education to adult services.  After her son William’s birth and diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy in 1995, Liz quickly became an active parent in the special needs community. More recently, she helped William bridge the closure of his education entitlement and transition to the adult world.  Liz found navigating the transition process challenging and hopes to improve the process for others by sharing what she’s learned.  Liz educated herself by attending countless workshops and training, researching and observing numerous programs, and learning from the success (and failures) of other families.

As a transition coach, Liz helps identify if transition needs are being met based on the individual student’s needs, taking into account their strengths, preferences, and interests. She coaches and encourages families how to successfully advocate based on IDEA laws meant to ensure students will live, work, and attend post-secondary education as independently as possible when they leave school. Liz considers herself a transition translator.  She breaks down what adult life really looks like and explains the many public benefits/agencies available after school funding ends. For what Liz doesn’t know, she continues to learn through her network, courses, and speaking with other families.

In her free time Liz enjoys spending time with her family, knitting, going to the beach, and cooking.