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Susan Manea, M.D.

Medical Director
ICCD Directors - Department of Developmental Medicine & Neurology

Dr. Manea is Board Certified in both Pediatrics and Clinical Genetics. Dr. Manea completed her pediatric residency and clinical genetics fellowship training at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.  Dr. Manea specializes in the diagnosis and medical management of developmental disorders caring for a variety of patients with Autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, and genetic disorders in addition to other neurological and psychological challenges.  Dr. Manea also manages psychopharmacological interventions for those in need.  Dr. Manea is the mother of two teenagers.

Medical Services:

Developmental Pediatrics:  Diagnosis and long term follow up of developmental disorders with attention to monitoring of progress, service delivery and educational programming, general health, growth and nutrition, sleep, and behaviors.   Understanding the significance of physical health and its impact on behaviors and development.

Psychopharmacological Management:  The use of medication to target symptoms and behaviors that impact function: quality of life, safety, learning, social interactions, and sleep. Targets include aggression, tantrums, behavioral dysregulation and self injurious behaviors, in addition to, depression, irritability and mood.  Attention, distractability, impulsivity, repetitive behaviors, obsessions, compulsions and sleep are also targeted.

Genetics Consultation:  Many developmental disorders have an underlying medical, neurological, genetic, or metabolic basis.  Evaluations consist of a thorough review of medical and family history with physical examination and laboratory studies to consider underlying etiologies.